Tuesday, 28 July 2009

About me for the Facilitating Online Communities course

Hi to everyone,

My name is Aina Bernal and I work as a virtual environment administrator in a Spanish online communication consultancy. We work mainly with health institutions and we are specialized in virtual debates. I work with one of the other participants, Assumpta Bohigas.

I want to follow this course because I'm interested in the new way of communication that virtual environments allow and require.

I'm looking forward to begin the course,



  1. Hello Aina, looking forward to hearing more about your work & how the internet is used in Spain. cheers Sarah

  2. Hi Sarah,

    This is my first attempt at blogging and I'm not used to check the blog often and I can forget to answer as well. Sorry! (I'll subscribe to comments as you said at today's meeting)

    I'll try to write a post about the internet use in Spain by the end of the course, maybe a while before, so I can hear your thoughts about it. I had a problem today with my computer and the one I've used for the meeting didn't have a microphone. I'll write a small post about my expectations on this course. Good meeting today by the way!



  3. You can set this blog so that you receive emails every time someone comments, which means you don't have to keep checking it all the time.

    You could also write in Spanish & we can use Google translator to read your posts in English.

  4. Thanks for your suggestions, Sarah. I'll use the email subscription and I'll think about the google translator